Staffing Organizations

Internal Recruitment

Chapter 6 Notes



Internal/external begins with recruiting plan.

         In an ideal world with unlimited resources, the best (internal/external) recruiting strategy would be targeted system.

         Job postings = higher user satisfaction when efficient = matching employees and original market.

         Good job description, good job notification, procedures, good treatment during interview.

         Skills inventories require a user-friendly database.


Mobility paths

         Traditional = vertical

         Alternative = creative paths

  parallel = lateral

  universal/matrix = move in any direction

Make work more meaningful:

         Reward system alternatives

         Alternate employment agents

         Job counseling


Closed Internal Recruiting:

         Not costly to implement

         Limited employees who know

         Very efficient


Internal Recruitment Messages

         Traditional messages work internally; vertical mobility paths make it easy.

         Use job requirements and rewards matrices.

         Internal recruiting messages requires the same effort as external message; same record keeping